What is presbyopia?

What is presbyopia?

What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a natural part of the aging process and typically begins after the age of 40.  Presbyopia means that you have lost the ability to focus on up-close objects. It becomes more difficult to focus on details that are close as the vision becomes more blurred. You often see people from 40 years and up, having one or several pairs of reading glasses within reach, for example on the bedside table, in the car and by the computer. It is more practical since you often have to use them to read and see things up close. For example, in a newspaper or a message on the phone.

Why do some people get presbyopia?

When you’re young the lens of the eye is softer and more flexible and can easily change its form. This means that you can focus on objects both close-up and faraway. After you have turned 40 the lens of the eye becomes more rigid. It can no longer change its shape the same way as before and your vision will be blurred, which makes it hard to read. It is perfectly normal to get presbyopia – we all will sooner or later. Presbyopia can occur whether you have myopia, hyperopia or never before have used glasses or lenses.

Symptoms of presbyopia 

When you start noticing that you no longer can read messages on your phone or read a book without holding it faraway from your eyes, then it’s a sign of presbyopia. Unfortunately, it is not a good solution to move the objects far away from the eyes since the letters will be smaller. Therefore, for most people this will not be a good solution in the long run.

How to correct presbyopia?

If presbyopia is the only problem you have with your vision, then in most cases it can be corrected by using reading glasses, which can be easily purchased without having to consult an optician. For most people, a pair of reading glasses works perfectly when the first effects of presbyopia appear. As your vision continually changes with age, you can buy a stronger power. 

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