Reading glasses designed to last

A pair of Readers is always made of the best quality - designed to last. With outstanding quality, timeless style, and a perfect fit, Readers becomes an element in your daily life that you can look forward to use for many years to come. In the long run it minimizes the environmental footprint and contributes to promote the principles of slow fashion. 

Responsible packaging

Sustainability goes beyond the product, and we have therefore changed the way we think about packaging, so that we can work towards becoming an even more sustainable and responsible brand as possible. Our Readers cloths, cases and packaging are designed to have the least possible impact on the environment. The fabric of our cloths is made of recycled thread, and our cases can easily be recycled as they are made without any metal. All outer packaging and inserts are made of FSC eco-certified paper and the plastic packaging that we use when we ship our reading glasses, are made of compostable plastic. Even the ink we use is made of natural soy ink, and does not harm the environment, and we have not used any adhesive tape on any of our boxes - all in an effort to reduce our CO2 impact and make it even easier for our employees, retailers and consumers to recycle.


Inspiring change

Our mission is to inspire change in the eyewear industry towards higher durable, quality products and minimizing our environmental impact on the planet. As a new and relatively small company we know that we have a long way ahead and our design team continues to use every day to explore the possibilities for how our materials can be sourced in an even more sustainable and responsible way. We are proud of the initiatives that we have already implemented, but we are not quite there yet. Sustainability is a journey and we invite all our customers along.


Reducing plastic waste in collaboration with ReSea Project

To help recycle plastic waste and prevent pollution, Readers Copenhagen has teamed up with ReSea Project. This means when you buy a pair of Readers, we will remove the equivalent of 10 plastic bags from the ocean. Read more about our collaboration here.


Closing the loop

Our Readers are designed for a long life and to be donated for a second life after ownership. With Readers Collect you can simply return your reading glasses to a Readers Copenhagen retailer for either reusing or recycling. Read more about our Readers Collect initiative here.