Readers Copenhagen

Readers Copenhagen strives to create timeless, modern reading glasses with a refined and minimalist aesthetic.

In addition to our reading glasses, we also design Blue Light glasses and sunglasses both with and without strength.

Inspired by Denmark

With a strong relationship to our Scandinavian culture, Readers Copenhagen is a tribute to Denmark, the Danish design traditions and the fantastic nature around our vibrant capital.

A central source of inspiration for Readers Copenhagen lies in the many references to the Danish cities and attractions, which we have named our glasses after to emphasize the beauty of the country, which we like very much.

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Fanø features the North Sea, wide sandy beaches and
spectacular natural attractions. Here, you can experience the joys of a beach holiday as well as the very special atmosphere found on an island reachable only by ship.

Fanø is part of the Wadden Sea National Park, which has been admitted to UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and offers a unique and incomparable nature environment. Explore seal safaris, bird spotting, oyster fishing and gorgeous landscapes – Fanø has it all.

Grab your Readers and go explore.