Readers Copenhagen

Readers Copenhagen strives to create timeless, modern reading glasses with a refined and minimalist aesthetic.

In addition to our reading glasses, we also design Blue Light glasses and sunglasses both with and without strength.

We always offer 1 pair of Readers for 54 euros and 2 pairs of Readers for 67,50 euros - mix and match the glasses as you like.

Inspired by Denmark

With a strong relationship to our Scandinavian culture, Readers Copenhagen is a tribute to Denmark, the Danish design traditions and the fantastic nature around our vibrant capital.

A central source of inspiration for Readers Copenhagen lies in the many references to the Danish cities and attractions, which we have named our glasses after to emphasize the beauty of the country, which we like very much.

Put on your Readers and explore our journal here.


Blokhus offers one of Northern Europe's best beaches with white sand, high dunes and a rushing sea. As something very special, Blokhus Strand offers the iconic white bathing houses, which are a very special feature of the area.

Blokhus is also surrounded by beautiful nature experiences on both sides, including Blokhus Klitplantage, which offers good opportunities for both walking or cycling. The terrain of the plantation varies a lot from hilly Kirkesande to flat dunes and lush forest areas.

Around the city you will find several cozy and cultural features, which testify to a historic and maritime holiday town, where many of the historical features are preserved.