Readers Collect

At Readers Copenhagen, we create reading glasses that are made to last and to be donated for a second life after ownership. 

With sustainability as a neutral part of our company, we encourage all consumers to take responsibility for their used reading glasses. As a consumer the best way to reduce your impact is by keeping your Readers for a long time and donate when you no longer want them. Perhaps the power does not fit any longer, they are broken, or they are just lying in the drawer. 

With our Readers Collect initiative you can simply return your reading glasses at the nearest Readers Copenhagen retailer for either reusing or recycling. Recycling and reusing have become an important focus area to us, and it is a good way for brands and consumers to cooperate in closing the loop.


Reusing Readers

All Readers glasses that are still in a wearable condition will be donated for a second life to the local Indonesian ReSea fishermen communities, who have helped collect plastic from the oceans. Each pair of reading glasses collected makes a big difference for a person with impaired vision.

As we, with ReSea Project, are helping the local Indonesian communities to proper education, there has also been a greater need for reading glasses. With reading glasses, it is easy to find the power you need without necessarily having to visit an authorized optician.   We have made an eyesight test, so that the locals can easily find the power of their reading glasses. On all our Readers glasses, the power is engraved on the temples, making it easy for the reading glasses to be donated for a second life. 


Recycling Readers

If the reading glasses can no longer be used in its current state, we will recycle the frames, as the materials are easy to separate from each other. The frame parts will then be sorted according to material and passed to the nearest recycling station. 

Return your used Readers - we will make sure they get a new life.

At all Readers Copenhagen retailers, you will find our "Readers Collect" box, where you can easily return your old and used Readers. We accept all kinds - even frames that are broken.

You are also more than welcome to send them us by post. Please contact our Customer Service and we will provide you with a pre-paid label for shipping.