Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, we will do everything we can to answer them. On this page you can explore our FAQ, where you will hopefully find the answers you are looking for. If not, please reach out to us at readers@orphism.dk


Questions about reading glasses


What are reading glasses?

Reading glasses help you to see clearly at short distances. If you have difficulties reading the letters on e.g. your computer, phone or in the newspaper, you may need a pair of reading glasses.


Which power do I need for my reading glasses?

To find out which power you need for your reading glasses, you can test your sight online and your power with our Readers Copenhagen reading board here. You can also visit one of our Readers Copenhagen retailers, where you can try out our demo reading glasses with different powers from 0 to +3. If you are in doubt, you can always book an eye examination at an optician. Some opticians offer the eye test for free, while others may charge for it.


How should I clean my reading glasses?

We recommend using the Readers cleaning cloth provided (or similar) to remove grease or moisture. If more intensive cleaning is required use lukewarm water with a drop of mild dishwashing detergent. Always keep your reading glasses in the case provided for protection. Please read more in our “Take care of your Readers” guide here. 


What are the lenses in reading glasses made of?

Our Readers are equipped with single vision lightweight lenses with anti-reflective treatment manufactured from carefully selected materials. This means that the lenses are thin, extremely light and comfortable to wear. The lightweight lenses are tempered, which means they can withstand everyday scratches and scuffs and does not shatter. Additionally, all our Readers have blue light lenses, which protect your eyes by filtering the harmful blue rays emitted from digital screens.


Can I replace the glass in your frames, with glass from my own optician?

We do not recommend that you change the glasses on your Readers, as we cannot guarantee a nice result. Our Readers are not designed for the purpose of replacing the glasses, but you can always try to go to your optician to get an individual assessment.


I am allergic to nickel – can I use your reading glasses?

Yes. All our reading glasses made of plastic are nickel-free and our reading glasses made of stainless steel are hypoallergenic. Although stainless steel contains small amounts of nickel, our reading glasses are colour coated, which means that the nickel is not in direct contact with your skin. Most people with nickel allergy can therefore use our reading glasses made of stainless steel.


What is blue light and why is it harmful to my eyes?

Computers, smartphones and other digital screens emit blue light in large quantities. Many people do not think about the fact that the many hours in front of the screens each day can be harmful to our eyes and have a negative impact on, for example, our quality of sleep and health.

All our Readers have blue light lenses, which protect your eyes by filtering the blue rays emitted from digital screens and are available with or without power (0 to +3). Discover all our Blue Light Readers here.


What is a reading field?

Our Readers sunglasses have a small built-in reading field on the bottom part of the lens, while the top part of the lens works like normal sunglasses. It is super practical when, for example, you are at an outdoor café and need to read the menu or when you are on the beach enjoying some reading. Our Readers sunglasses with a small reading field allow you to read up close through the lower part of the lenses and to see far away looking through the upper part of the lenses. The entire glass is of course made with full UV400 protection, so that the dangerous UV rays do not damage the eyes. The sunglasses are available with or without the reading field (0 to +3). Discover all our Readers sunglasses here.


What does it mean when sunglasses have UV400 protection?

Most people know that the sun can be harmful to our eyes. The so-called UV rays from the sun cannot be seen, but in the long run it can affect the eyes and increase the risk of cataracts as well as other eye problems such as eye cancer or blindness. Therefore, it is always a good idea to look for a UV400 label when buying a new pair of sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses with UV400 is a guarantee for protection against the sun, which means that the sunglasses block all UV rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers, including UVA and UVB rays.



Questions about orders, shipping, delivery and returns


What is the estimated delivery time?

We aim to ship all orders within 1-2 working days from the time you make the order.


How can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped from our warehouse, you will receive an email with a tracking link. If you haven’t received an email from us within 2 working days, please check your junk filter and whether you have provided the correct e-mail address. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service at readers@orphism.dk or by phone +45 31 79 26 40 – remember to have your order number ready in order for us to help you as fast as possible.


Do I have to pay for delivery?

Readers Copenhagen offers free delivery in Denmark and in EU.


Which countries do you ship to?

Currently, we ship to countries within the EU.


I have received a damaged or wrong product

In case you have received an incorrect or damaged product, please send us an e-mail at readers@orphism.dk - please include information about your order number and pictures of the damaged/wrong product. We will of course make sure that you receive the right Readers – together with a return label that you can use free of charge to return the damaged/wrong products.


Can I cancel my purchase – and get my money back?

Yes, no problem at all. At Readers Copenhagen, we always offer a 30-days return policy and refund all payments received by you, including any delivery costs. However, if you have chosen a more expensive form of delivery than our standard delivery, we will not reimburse the extra costs associated with the more expensive form of delivery. In case of partial cancellation of the order, we do not refund delivery costs. We will refund your amount to the same account as used for the purchase as soon as we have received the returned products. Please note that credit card refunds may take up to 10 business days for your bank to complete, depending on the processing times.


How do I return my order?

To reduce our CO2 footprint, all our returns are made online in order for us to avoid unnecessary return labels that are never used. If you would like to return an order, please contact us at readers@orphism.dk. Our Customer Service will upon your request, send you a pre-paid return label to your email, which you can print out and attach to the package. Please return the glasses in the same original packaging in which they were received. The glasses must be in the same condition as they were received.