Readers Copenhagen x ReSea Project


Denmark is surrounded by water and we feel a strong connection to the ocean, as it is an important part of our nature and identity. Plastic waste has major consequences for the ocean, and life below the surface is so hard under pressure that an extraordinary effort must be made now. Readers Copenhagen is very passionate about supporting ReSea Project, which collects plastic waste from the world’s oceans and works to put an end to the ocean plastic crisis.

For each pair of Readers sold, the equivalent of 10 plastic bags will be removed from the ocean as a representation of your support.

Thank you for being a part of the change towards a plastic-free ocean. 


One Readers frame, one mission...

Since the launch of Readers Copenhagen in December 2020, we have helped remove the equivalent of 10 plastic bags from the ocean for every frame sold. So far, Readers Copenhagen has removed more than 137.500 plastic bags from the ocean, which is the equivalent of 1.375 kg of plastic waste removed. Our mission is to commit ourselves to help removing much more in the future and we are thankful that you are making a difference with us. 

About ReSea Project

ReSea Project’s mission is to save and protect the ocean by removing all plastic waste. With a solution based on a circular economy and driven by local commitment, ReSea Project is working with local fishermen in Indonesia, who collect the plastic waste from the ocean.

However, ReSea Project is not only about removing plastic from rivers and oceans. It is also about recycling and reusing the plastic that is collected in order to reduce the production of new plastic. Every piece of plastic removed is carefully washed and sorted by committed ReSea Project fishermen and is then reused to make new products. By engaging locals, we are also supporting better living conditions and employment amongst local fisherman communities, creating avenues to education, improving local ecosystems as well as raising public awareness about correct waste management to avoid all the plastic that ends up in nature.

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