Therefore, you need to pay attention to Blue Light

Therefore, you need to pay attention to Blue Light

Therefore, you need to pay attention to Blue Light

We don’t have to go many years back before humans only was exposed to natural sunlight during the day and total dark during the evening – only interrupted by red light from a bonfire. But now we expose ourselves to artificial blue light from digital screens as computers, tablets, smartphones and TV most of the day. Many people may not think about the fact that the high amount of hours that we use in front of digital screens can be harmful to our eyes and also have a negative impact on our sleep quality and general health.

Blue light can have an impact on your sleep 

According to Danish sleep expert Mikael Rasmussen light plays a huge role when it comes to our circadian rhythm and activity. During the evening it is especially important to avoid powerful lightning, since we have a sleep hormone called melatonin that only can be produced when it’s dark[1]. So, when we are subject to blue light from digital screens right before going to bed, we trick the brain into thinking that it’s not bedtime yet. Therefore, the segregation of melatonin decreases, and we become less tired.

In an experiment done by Harvard Medical School they compared a group of people who had been exposed to 6,5 hours of blue light to another group of people who had been exposed to 6,5 hours of green light. They found out that the people who had been exposed to blue light had a melatonin level, which were twice as low as the people who had been exposed to green light. They also found out that their circadian rhythm changed by up to 3 hours[2].

Blue light is part of our everyday life

The world around us becomes more and more digital and therefore it gets harder to avoid blue light. A big part of our social life takes place online and many of us uses a lot of time in front of different screens during the day. For some people it might be crucial to be in front of a screen to work or communicate with others. But since blue light is transmitted in short wavelength it shatters and your eyes are having a hard time focusing. Your eyes are actually on overtime just to process the blue light rays. Maybe that is why you’re experiencing dry and irritated eyes – because the blue light forces your eyes to blink less. 

Give your eyes a break from blue light

To be able to give your eyes a well-deserved break, you can use blue light glasses. Our blue light glasses block 25% of the blue light rays that is emitted from digital screens. So, in a world that gets more and more digitalized, it can be a good idea to invest in a pair of blue light glasses. You can get our blue light glasses with or without power and in many different varieties and colors.








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