Why should you use reading glasses?

Why should you use reading glasses?

Why should you use reading glasses?

Most people wear reading glasses because they have difficulty reading a text up close – for example on a telephone, computer or in a book. Reading glasses can alleviate this problem and make sure you can see the text clearly again. Reading glasses are available in many different qualities, but at Readers Copenhagen it has been important to us that your reading glasses are in a quality that we can vouch for, which means you can use your reading glasses for many years to come. 

What are reading glasses?

Reading glasses help you to be able to read texts up close. There are reading glasses you can get from an optician, and then there are the reading glasses that we offer at Readers Copenhagen. Customers who choose to buy their reading glasses from us use the same strength in both eyes, as it’s not possible to buy reading glasses with multi-strength in from us. If you need reading glasses with different strength in each glass or with multi-strength, you must go to an optician.

When do you need reading glasses?

Most people experience a need for reading glasses when they reach the age of 40 or above. Reading glasses help compensate for impaired vision, which is most often associated with what is called presbyopia or presbyopia (read more about this in our blog post here). The classic signs that you need reading glasses are if you have trouble reading small texts on a computer screen or in a book - especially if there is dark lighting or you are tired - or if you feel it’s easier to read the small texts if you move the object further away from your eyes.

How do you make sure to select the right reading glasses?

First, it may be that you need to use different strengths depending on what you are doing. For example, you may need one strength when sitting in front of the computer and another strength when reading a book. This is because the computer screen is usually further away from your eyes than when reading a book. It may therefore be that you need more than a single pair of reading glasses.

If you end up buying reading glasses with the wrong strength, you will quickly find out. Reading glasses with the wrong strength can give you headaches, nausea and you will feel that your eyes must overwork to be able to read the text, which the reading glasses should actually help you make easier.

If you do not know your strength, you can take our vision test here. This way you can easily and quickly find out what strength you need.

Known myths about eyes and reading glasses

You’ve probably heard many of the myths that abound when it comes to our vision and the use of reading glasses. Below we have listed some of the myths so you easily can find out what is true and false.

  1. You worsen your vision by wearing glasses all the time
    • This is fake! It’s a really good idea to use the aids that your eyes need. You will also quickly find that you have to exert yourself completely unnecessarily by trying to read without glasses if your eyes are not capable of it.


  1. Your eyes get hurt if you wear other people's glasses
    • This is fake! The worst thing that can happen if you wear other people's glasses with the wrong strength in relation to your eyes is that you will get a headache and have difficulty seeing. But it is not dangerous.


  1. You get a better view from eating carrots
    • This is partly true. Carrots contain vitamin A, which can help protect against cataracts and age-related eye diseases, but you cannot eat yourself free of building defects, myopia or farsightedness



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