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Size: 52/21-148
Material: Plastic
Designed to last for many years

Tisvilde is a trendy and cool sunglasses frame made of plastic. Tisvilde has 75% tinted brown glass, which secures full UV400 protection for your eyes.

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Product details

Tisvilde is a unisex sunglasses frame which is available in both masculine and feminine colours. It is perfect for a trendy but casual style.  

The sunglasses are available with a small reading field with prescription at the bottom of the lenses. The reading field allows you to read and see things up close through the lower part of the lenses and to see far away looking through the upper part of the lenses. It is very convenient when, for example you are sitting at an outdoor café and need to read the menu, or when you are on the beach enjoying a good book, but at the same time need to keep an eye on the children.  

Tisvilde is available with or without the reading field from Plan (without power) to +3.

Special Technical Features:

  • Made of plastic.
  • Comfortable temples with spring hinges for maximum comfort.
  • From 75% to 25% graduated lenses ensuring full UV400 protection.
  • Extremely light, thin and tempered lenses that can withstand scratches.
  • Available with reading field from +1 to +3.
  • Also available as regular sunglasses without the reading field.  



  • For each pair of Readers sold we help remove 10 plastic bags from the ocean.
  • This far Readers Copenhagen have contributed to removing more than 137.500 plastic bags.

A little piece of Denmark

We have named our glasses after cities and attractions in Denmark, to emphasize the beauty of the country we have dear. Tisvilde is a historical seaside town surrounded by beach and heath. The white sandy beach is 25m wide and is with its white sand very child friendly. Read more about Tisvilde in our Readers Journal here.