A little piece of Denmark

We have named our glasses after cities and attractions in Denmark, to emphasize the beauty of the country we have dear.

Located in the northernmost point of Denmark, Skagen is known for its iconic yellow houses, white sandy beaches, art museums with the famous Skagen paintings and the most spectacular natural sceneries and amazing light.

Shaped by the wild nature, you will find Grenen, the Sand-Buried Church and Råbjerg Mile.

A trip to Grenen is a must - here you can experience the unique natural phenomenon when the two seas, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, meet. Imagine standing with one leg in each sea, feeling the waves arriving from each direction.

At the Sand-Buried Church only the church tower remains, and it is an incredible sight to see how the harsh nature has relentlessly consumed almost everything that comes in its way.

Råbjerg Mile is the Danish version of Sahara and offers an overwhelming sight you will not find anywhere else in Denmark.

With its remarkable light and scenery, Skagen truly is a special place with so much to experience – just grab your Readers and go explore.

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