A little piece of Denmark

We have named our glasses after cities and attractions in Denmark, to emphasize the beauty of the country we have dear. 

Odense is an inspiring city where culture and history blend with old fairy tales. Famous for being the hometown of Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, a trip to Odense would not be complete without visiting the small quaint houses where H.C. Andersen lived. Take a step back in time in the charming historic district, where you can sense the life of the city 200 years ago, walk in the footsteps of H.C. Andersen and visit important places from his past.

However, Odense is so much more than just the birthplace of H.C. Andersen. As the third largest city in Denmark, Odense offers plenty of exciting shopping and gastronomic experiences.

Check out the small alleyways with local specialty shops or take a break in one of the many beautiful green areas of the city. Odense also hosts several annual festivals and there are many vibrant events going on all year round.

Odense is rich in both history, culture, urban city vibes and green oases – just grab your Readers and go explore.

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