Reading glasses

With our many years of experience in the optical industry, we create high-quality Readers in a classic and minimalistic design always with an urban and contemporary twist. Most of our Readers are unisex and thus suitable for both men and women.

The Readers are equipped with single-strength lightweight glass manufactured from carefully selected materials. This means that the lenses are thin, extremely light and comfortable to wear, when, like most of us, the Readers are taken off and on many times during the day. In addition, the lightweight glass is tempered, which means it can withstand everyday scratches and scuffs and does not shatter.

The Readers are available with or without strengths (0 to +3).


Blue Light

Your eyes are exposed to harmful blue light from the screens of computers, tablets, smartphones and TVs every day. Our Readers protects your eyes by filtering out the blue light and gives you a higher comfort. The lenses in the anti-blue light Readers are coated with a thin filter that blocks and absorbs the blue light rays emitted from your screens.

The Readers are designed for men and women and are available with or without prescription (0 to +3).



Our high-quality sunglasses are designed with focus on optimal comfort, beautiful Scandinavian design at great prices. All our sunglasses are made of top quality, tinted or polarized lenses and ensure 100% UV protection. The sunglasses are available with a small reading field at the bottom of the lenses for a smoother transition.

Whether you enjoy the active lifestyle or the slow living, our sunglasses are designed for optimum protection and comfort.